Frequently asked questions.

Is the jewellery solid silver/gold, and is it hallmarked?

Other than where 23ct gold plating is indicated, all materials are solid gold or solid sterling silver (925). They are stamped with the makers mark and hallmarked at the Birmingham Assay Office when they above the legal weight threshold.

How do I keep my jewellery clean?

There are a number of different finishes available so if in doubt please ask for specific advice regarding the piece you have bought.

Generally the following applies:

  • To protect it and contribute to it’s longevity, we suggest that you store your jewellery separately and in its original packaging as metals and stones can scratch when they come into contact with each other.

  • Do not let your jewellery come into contact with household detergents; undiluted or strong solutions or other chemical products and take care when spraying perfume and hairspray.

  • Our silver colour finish on our sterling silver jewellery is likely to tarnish eventually with time and wearing, this is not a manufacturing defect but a property of silver metal. To restore the original brilliance of the surface, we recommend you first use a silver polishing cloth. If this is not sufficient use a silver dip solution (please follow the manufacturer’s instructions) and then finish with the silver polishing cloth, both available from Jago.

  • To preserve the shine of gold jewellery, use a gold polishing cloth also available from Jago Jewellers.

  • Jewellery with set stones can be loosened through wear and impact, check the security of any stone set jewellery by shaking the item close to your ear. If there is a slight rattle the stone(s) are no longer secure in their setting and should be checked before any potential loss. Please contact us if you require a setting to be examined.

  • Grease and grime within stone settings can be removed using an ultrasonic cleaner or warm water mixed with mild detergent solution; it is wise to put the items into a basket (or sieve) for easy location and removal. Avoid doing this with pearls of other porous stones.

  • Neighbouring pieces of jewellery of differing metal, eg. Silver ring next to gold ring, will wear at different rates, so it is advised to keep pieces of the same metal together to avoid excessive wear on the softer items.

  • Oxidised silver pieces contain a ‘formed’ oxide to create the black appearance. Polishing this finish will remove the oxidation and return the piece to bright silver finish, but please be careful when cleaning oxidised silver pieces using a silver polishing cloth, and to remove any wear grease and grime use a detergent and a soft silver polishing cloth.

Is my jewellery safe with you?

Yes, at market value for a like for like piece.

The gold plating is wearing off my jewellery - what can I do?

Wear and tear can wear away the gold plating to leave more silver visible. Gold plating can be repeated for frequently worn items to return them to their original condition. There will be a service charge for this.

Do you custom-make jewellery?

We offer a bespoke design service and can remodel your jewellery into bespoke items. David or one of our qualified jewellers is available by appointment. In order to find out more about this service, please email or call us.