Our newly launched online store features both classic and modern pieces, and we'll be adding more items over the next few weeks.



Jewellery that reflects your individual style 

Jewellery choices reflect your individuality. It is an area where brand loyalty boundaries are broken down and become far less important - it is all about the way the item makes you feel. With this in mind Jago’s fine jewellery collection offers you a selection of pre-owned and classical jewellery like no other. Displayed together you can choose between the best of the past and the present, vintage or modern. The collection is always changing with many pieces being one-of-a-kind heirlooms.  

Our fine jewellery offers classical, unique bridal pieces and every day necklaces or earrings as well as cocktail rings and special occasion pieces. We have a large range of new, pre-loved and vintage 9ct and 18ct jewellery to choose from.

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Fine quality vintage & pre-loved pieces

Jago has a constantly changing collection of fine quality vintage and preowned jewellery. Sourced from around the world these are one off pieces intended to excite. They cannot be replaced so will reflect your individuality - your choice and style.

They are all fully refurbished and come with a a year's guarantee and certificate of authenticity indicating current new replacement value. The nature of pre-owned jewellery often allows the client to pick up a unique piece of history at a fraction of the price it would cost if made today. 

With an in-house workshop Jago is ideally placed to refurbish heirloom pieces as well. See your vintage jewellery restored to its former glory or remade so it can be worn with confidence.



Ask for a bespoke design and have your dreams made a reality. Nothing is impossible in the hands of our master craftsman.








Enhance your individuality

Our silver collections also make the best kind of gifts, featuring own label and branded items, many are easy to personalise with amazing options to engrave. You can build your own pendant using Astra’s options and personalise a great range of signet rings and ID bracelets, ideal for 18th and 21st birthdays.

We also have a range of silver and Swarovski crystal jewellery ideal for everyday wear, line bracelets and studs to make to make you feel like a princess without costing the earth. 

See in-store for more or visit us on-line. The sky is the limit.....


Additional Services


We have an in-house workshop and access to industry specialists nationwide. No issue cannot be solved with the right amount of care, attention and a highly skilled craftsman.


The best way to protect your jewellery in the event of loss or damage is to insure it - and this requires a valuation to make sure you receive the correct sum in the event of a claim.

Buying In

Selling gold to Jago couldn't be easier. We’ll buy all kinds of gold items, and it doesn’t matter if they’re broken, beaten up or missing pieces. Just pop into the shop or make an appointment.