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Professional valuation service


The best way to protect your jewellery in the event of loss or damage is to insure it - and this requires a valuation. To make sure you receive the correct sum in the event of a claim, you need a professional valuer to examine your jewellery and to produce a formal document giving a precise description of each piece and confirming how their value has been determined.


It is essential that you discuss with your valuer how you would replace your items if they were to be lost as this is fundamental to the type of valuation produced.

Our Valuer

Our independent NAJ Valuer is available biweekly on Thursdays (see dates below) and can assess your jewellery on the premises. Your jewellery can be assessed for probate or insurance replacement. 


5th May

19th May

1st June

16th June

1st July (Friday)

21st July

11th August

25th August

8th September

22nd September

6th October

20th October

3rd November

17th November

1st December

15th December


First item - £90

Every next item - £60

Items over £10,000 - £210

All highly complex items which may involve additional research will need to be quoted before under-taking. Laboratory fees will be charged as additional fees if required.

For probate: on occasion similar simple items may be grouped and charged as one at the valuers discretion, for example 3 plain, polished wedding rings, or two plain, polished chains.

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