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Tanzanite for December

What is the birthstone for December? There are three! The winter blues have nothing on December's birthstones: tanzanite, zircon, and turquoise and our favourite of the three has to be Tanzanite.

Tanzanite is a stunning blue-violet gemstone and one of December's birthstones. It's a relatively recent discovery compared to many other gemstones. Tiffany & Co. introduced it to the market in 1968 after its discovery in Tanzania, hence its name.

This gemstone is prized for its striking colour, which can range from deep ultramarine blue to violet-blue hues. Its colour can vary depending on the crystal's orientation and how it's cut. Tanzanite is often heat-treated to enhance its colour, as this process can intensify its blue tones.

In terms of symbolism, tanzanite is associated with spiritual growth, insight, and understanding. It's believed to promote harmony and a deeper connection to oneself.

Tanzanite's rarity and unique colour make it a sought-after gemstone, often used in jewelleury like rings, necklaces, and earrings. Due to its limited supply from a single source in Tanzania, it's considered a valuable and collectible stone.

However, tanzanite is relatively soft compared to some other gemstones, so it requires careful handling and care to avoid scratches or damage. Regular cleaning and proper storage are recommended to maintain its beauty.

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