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Topaz for November

Topaz is the birthstone for the month of November and the traditional gemstone to celebrate a 4th wedding anniversary. While topaz is available in a variety of colours, blue topaz is often the most sought after colour. Their beauty lies in their vivid colour and translucency, rather than their reflective properties.

Topaz can be found across all 6 continents with Brazil being its biggest exporter. The two most popular shades of Blue Topaz are Swiss Blue Topaz which is a beautiful, bright, sky blue and is light in tone, the second is London Blue Topaz which is a deep, rich blue, with a medium to dark tone and saturation.

In the Middle Ages Topaz was believed to have the power to break magic spells and dispel anger. While in India, it was believed that wearing topaz would assure long life, intelligence and beauty.

The eye-catching colour of Blue Topaz makes for a unique gift. Shop our Blue Topaz collection at

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